Prepaid 101 - Promos on suspended accounts

Recurring promos

If you’re on a recurring promo and your account is suspended, you will only lose the promo if you reactivate on a new plan.

For example, if you’re on a promo that provides 500 MB of bonus data for 5 months and you fall into suspend in month 2 and you decide to:

  • Reactivate on a new plan: You will lose your recurring promo. However, you will still be eligible to any redeem promos that will be in-market at the time of activation. Learn how to apply a promo when changing your plan here.
  • Top-up on your existing plan: You’ll be able to resume the remainder of your promo and receive the remaining 3 months of the promo after reactivating.

Just to let you know: Accounts are deactivated after 90 days of suspension. Learn how to reactivate your plan here.

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