Long distance calling

Canada-wide long distance

Koodo is giving Canadian long distance service charges the boot! Our Canada-wide plans let you call anywhere in Canada without paying long distance service charges. That means worry-free calling coast to coast. All long distance calls use anytime minutes.1

International calling

Now it’s even easier to make international calls with Koodo. For as low as $0.50/min2, you can call internationally any time and you no longer need an add-on.3 Plus, you can call directly to international landlines and mobile phones for the same price.

Find the per-minute rate for your long distance calls

Want even better rates?

For just $3/month, the International Long Distance Saver add-on, which you can add to your account in Self Serve, lets you chat for as low as $0.05/min.4 All long distance calls use anytime minutes.

For select countries, you can enjoy worry-free long distance service from within Canada by adding an International Long Distance add-on to any of our plans. No need for calling cards! All long distance calls use anytime minutes. See below for more details.

International Long Distance Saver

Get access to discounted international long distance rates for calls made from Canada.

Find the per-minute rate for your long distance calls

International Long Distance Add-ons

Get long distance service from within Canada to select countries.

  • U.S. 1000 Minutes
  • China & Hong Kong 1000 Minutes
  • France 1000 Minutes
  • U.K. 1000 Minutes
  • India 1000 Minutes

Block outgoing international long distance calls

Don't want to make international long distance calls? Log in to Self Serve and remove the Pay-Per-Use International Long Distance feature from your account. It's that simple. Heads up: this doesn’t block calls to the U.S. or the Caribbean

What’s considered long distance and what’s not?

For outgoing calls

An outgoing call is a call sent from your Koodo phone. Your outgoing local calling area moves with your physical location. If you dial a phone number that's local to your physical location, it’s considered a local call. If you dial a phone number that’s long distance to your physical location, then it’s a long distance call. Your own number doesn't matter!

For incoming calls

An incoming call is a call received on your Koodo phone. Your incoming local calling area is the geographic boundary associated with your phone numbers. All calls received within that geographic boundary are local. All calls receive outside that geographic boundary are considered long distance.

Learn more about long distance rates on Koodo prepaid.

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